Recipe: Summy Mug Pizza

Mug Pizza. A Variety of Pizza Drinkware and More! Explore All of Our Drinkware For What Interests You! Homemade Pizza made in a microwave in just a few minutes?

Mug Pizza Just when you thought pizza couldn't possibly be improved upon, a brilliant food hack comes along that somehow manages to make it even more amazing. Food genius Gemma Stafford recently shared her recipe for making pizza in a mug, and the internet cannot stop talking about it. The best part is that mug pizzas are just as easy to make as mug cakes—Gemma's recipe requires ingredients you. Usted puede Cocinar Mug Pizza Usando 9 ingredientes y 5 pasos. Así es como lograr eso.

Ingredientes de Mug Pizza

  1. Te hace falta 4 cdas de harina.
  2. Preparar 3 cdas de leche.
  3. Preparar 2 cdas de aceite.
  4. Es de Salsa de tomate.
  5. Es de Queso rallado.
  6. Es de Salchicha, bacon, jamón, etc. (Opcional).
  7. Preparar de Orégano o albahaca (Opcional).
  8. Es 1 cdta de levadura.
  9. Es de Sal.

Welcome To Mugs Pizza And Ribs. We were brought up in a very big Italian family and a very close family that loved to be together and love to eat great Italian food. We started out in fast food restaurants and then we found our real passion in the pizza industry. Want to try other great pizza recipes?

Mug Pizza Instrucciones

  1. En una taza echa la harina, la levadura y la sal. Remueve..
  2. A continuación, introduce la leche y el aceite. Remueve hasta formar una masa..
  3. Moldea la masa y dale forma en la taza. Pincha el tenedor por toda la masa..
  4. Añade salsa de tomate, queso rallado y demás ingredientes que tú desees..
  5. Mete la taza en el microondas durante 2 minutos a máxima potencia. Y disfruta del resultado 😋..

If you want to make pizza another different way, try our crockpot pizza recipe too. Use a second mug per person and make a salad too. Paired together my kids think it is the best meal ever!! Select a microwave safe wide bottomed coffee mug, ramekin, or small bowl and flip upside down on the corner of the pizza crust. Trace around the outside of the mug with a knife.