Recipe: Apetitoso Tostada Light

Tostada Light. Mediterranean flavors shine in this hearty tostada, which is topped with Greek yogurt for a light, creamy finish. A south-of-the-border supper is ready in a snap thanks to quick-cooking chicken tenders. The tostadas can easily become soft tacos if you skip broiling the tortillas.

Tostada Light Crisp tortillas are piled high with toppings in the classic Mexican dish called tostadas. Find our best tostada recipes in this comprehensive. Smoked paprika gives these chicken tostadas rich, grill-like flavor with no cooking. Usted puede Cocinar Tostada Light Usando 4 ingredientes y 3 pasos. Así es como cocinar eso.

Ingredientes de Tostada Light

  1. Preparar 1/2 de Aguacate.
  2. Te hace falta de Queso fresco.
  3. Es 1 loncha de pavo.
  4. Es 1 de tostada integral.

Look for tostada shells (fried, flat corn tortillas) near the flour and corn tortillas or in the Mexican food section of your grocery store. I used multigrain tortillas and 'toasted' them in the oven broiler while the shrimp cooked. Plan to roll the leftovers up in a tortilla or put over greens for a nice salad. Learn how to make Rotisserie Chicken Tostadas.

Tostada Light Paso a paso

  1. Ponemos de base el aguacate lo podemos untar con la ayuda de un tenedor.
  2. Ponemos una loncha de pavo o jamón dulce encima y por último uno o dos trocitos de queso fresco..
  3. También podría hacerse con queso de untar light.

This is a yummy, yummy light meal. I developed this to counteract my Mexican cravings on Weight Watchers. Top it with salsa, which is free, or add some sour cream. Just make sure you count the extra points. Transfer the tostada to Get Beef Tostadas Recipe from Food Network.